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Big brother live eviction online dating

In the Apple Room, Paul tells Josh to go get his Cheerios. He says he is trying to hide from Josh when he comes out of DR.

Christmas mentions production hating them for how loud/rowdy they are being. Kevin says that is going to be an hour so Paul joins back with the Apple room.

Christmas says she hopes she isn’t doing the same and Alex disagrees.

Christmas also mentions someone is a very emotional player but again it is hard to hear as they are whispering very low. They joke around more and Alex wants to make sandwiches. Paul says Whistlenut is crazy and would hate to get in a fight with him.

AM BBT Cameras are still in Alex and Christmas in the green room. They all leave the Green Room to go to the kitchen. Lots of joking and preparing of food in the kitchen. The kitchen crew starts singing in unison and cut to fish.

Christmas mentions enjoying the time you still have left here (Jessica? Christmas talks about how someone was telling lies about things she said. Feeds are back with more horsing around as Christmas makes sandwiches. Kevin says something about going on Survivor and then Amazing Race.

She said when she got her last job she could tell some things changed and shifted.

They continue to talk about their personalities as Paul lays his head in Elena’s lap on one of the couches and Josh lies in the bed.

In the green room, lights are out with Alex, Jason, Kevin and Mark. Back in HOH, Josh, Elena and Paul are still having casual talk. She said if she was younger she was way more aggressive/reactive. Josh says being in the BB house he misses a lot of things.

They wonder how much their mom’s have cried seeing them on the show.

Josh realizes there are certain things he can’t do because of his mom.

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Paul says you can’t take it personal because it is just a game.

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