Christian dating in your 30s

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Magnesium is vital and can help with muscle relaxation, sleep and hormone regulation.It's often in our 40s when we really start to notice the first signs of ageing.This could indicate that your liver needs more support.

Our 40s can be a stressful decade, as many of us cope with the demands of a growing family, mortgage and career.

If we haven't already had children (but still want to!

), our 30s are when we need to think about protecting our fertility.

Joints can start to ache, and more lines and wrinkles appear.

Getting plenty of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients such as those found in colorful vegetables or curcumin from turmeric, could help delay these changes and help with joint and skin-supporting properties.

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Taking a collagen supplement or a skin support anti-ageing supplement could help too.

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