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Anyone who wishes can use this mod freely, without further permission from me.If you have any problems installing it, contact me through the Sub Sim forum, and I'll help you. I have a real NL-10, Russian aviation slide rule (linear), which I used many years when playing flight simulators.( 4 digits are sufficient for Cel Nav with 1 sm resolution.) On the backside you'll find the complete haversine table, the hav-Doniol and the Bergman formulas, each with an example.

This allows you to use the DR3 as a normal circular slide rule, to easily and quickly do various calculations. But for the pointer to rotate freely, you must set the TDC to Salvo mode. Please follow the included directions to make the necessary changes to those files.

Here is needed to thanks to, Onelifecrisis, Joegrundman, Hitman, Makman94 and all other GUI moders! But for the pointer I have some choices with compromises. Will rotates only if you have loaded torpedo in tube 2 - with bearing dial. Will rotates always, but you need to switch the tubes to salvo mode.

From their mods, I study how SH3 menu things works. Will rotates always, but you need to switch TDC to OFF. And when you switch TDC back to ON, bearing will go to where scope is pointing, but AOB will stay to its new value. very nice slide rule , Tycho i believe that these days back ,all sides were curring many many of every kind slide rules were availiable at their days ps: something off topic but about slide rules(excuse me for this Tycho,if there is any problem,please,moderators remove my post): i was looking for long time for templates for two german slide rules but i had no luck at all on searching.

He served as the Chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission from 1961to 1971.

This is an in-game implementation of the Dreieckrechner DR3 circular slide rule, used by the Luftwaffe for navigation calculations. To use it, you will need to know, or study, how to solve navigation problems, especially triangle problems and the Law of Sines, and how to use logarithmic tools. I added a second black ring, which slides out and overlays the degree scale.

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If you wish, you can replace one of them with this one.

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