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He was a taxi driver (yup, 11 year old boy was a driver) coming from Shanghai – that’s also a reason why my husband seeing that movie with me for the first time said ‘He speaks Cantonese, oh and Shanghainese.

I don’t even need a subtitles’ – good for you, I didn’t even know at that time he change to the dialect.

In 2008, five super sports cars owned by an enthusiast were compared by Porsche factory driver Marc Basseng, winner of several VLN races in Porsche GT3 RSR.

Timing was provided by sport auto as in a Supertest.

During the industry testing sessions in which sport auto records its "Supertest", the track can not be traveled at full speed past "Tribüne 13" (T13, grandstand 13) in order to allow safe access from the old exit/entrance there.

Very often I’m asked about once sentence I wrote in ‘Giving a shot to gwai mui lover’ – that I’ve never really been attracted to my own race.

Of course there are exceptions like young Indiana Jones or Norman Reedus in ‘The Walking dead’, I mean c’mon – badass in poncho killing zombies? I tried to track my love life from childhood to present and beside few people around me I used to fell in love in people that don’t really exist or they are dead long time before my parents even met. Even thought now I treat it as a joke, I laugh about it very often I think it actually had quite big influence about the type of men I like. TV POLONIA showed that anime every single day at 6PM and I was always there to be with him and cheer for him.

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He retained the ownership of Radio 538 and its sister stations Radio 10 Gold and SLAM!

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