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Most women are looking for serious dating and marriage.

Women aren’t likely to marry someone who can’t support them materially.

Lots of single women are looking for partners who are comfortably-off to support the family.

Single men are often looking for good household keepers.

Example A:“百里挑一的高手们,全新版本等你来战“ “bǎi lǐ tiāo yī de gāo shǒu men, quán xīn bǎn běn děng nǐ lái zhàn”“The best of the best, the new version awaits you!

I introduced some of the fun and stress that young Chinese people face during China's hyper-commercialized Valentine’s Day.

When looking through the online profiles or asking the contest questions on the dating shows, one should 百里挑一.

Traditional attitudes of parents and relatives often view an unmarried person in their 30s as an embarrassment at best, and a disaster at worst.

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Single women in China are truly conservative when it comes to relationships.

Still, there are tons of singles who believe more in love than in pragmatism.

When people launch relationships in China, they treat it seriously.

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