Nicknames when dating

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Nicknames when dating

We have compiled a list of our favorite 105 cute names to call your boyfriend.We have to admit, many of these nicknames are super corny!Hun: Short for honey, “hun” is fun to say and simple enough that he won’t resist it!Hun Bun: This is another cute take on the popular nickname “honey.” Hunk: He is a hunk and he will be flattered every time he hears you call him this!Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are calling themselves "Dad Mom" -- but DON'T FREAK OUT ... The reality star posted some pics from her surprise 33rd bday party from over the weekend -- including an image of her and TT kissing with the caption, "Dad Mom." Khloe has recently talked about having kids with Tristan on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- saying, "He wants to have about five or six kids with me and that’s lovely.We could start at one and we could grow from there." We reached out to sources connected to the couple to find out what's going down in KK's uterus -- but everyone says "Dad Mom" are just lovey dovey nicknames ... Babe: This nickname or “Babes” are popular nickname, and since it is not too corny, he may even let you use it in public!

Baby Cakes: This nickname is flirty and silly and it is fun to say!Captain: He’ll probably like this one because it shows that you see him as a leader!Casanova: A casanova is a guy who is suave and good with women so your guy will be flattered by this nickname!Boo: This is a popular nickname for your boyfriend. Booky: This is a combination of ‘Boo’ and ‘Pookie.’ It’s super cute and rolls off the tongue nicely! Bumblebee: Even though bees can sting you, the word itself is adorable sounding so it works as a cute nickname for your boyfriend!Bunny: Bunnies are fluffy and cute and you want to hold them, just like your guy!

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Nicknames are a great way to show affection to your special guy!