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Also, he would rarely drink ahead of a game though this guideline was nowhere in sight during an epic New Year's Eve with Chris Woods and Chris Waddle, hours before a Sheffield Wednesday game at Queens Park Rangers.A 'quiet drink' in the 'pub on the corner' turned into a mammoth West End session, culminating in Tramps nightclub in the company of Rod Stewart.Most days, he is up at 5am, takes a fitness class for staff at six, and finishes 12 hours later.'I would have to be working as a manager in the top half of the Championship or higher to earn what I'm earning here,' said Palmer.'I enjoy it, but I'll be 52 in December and maybe 55 is a good point to retire, who knows?Palmer was snapped by paparazzi at 4am, still wearing his club tracksuit, having climbed on to Woods' back because he was barely able to stand.

Soon after kicking off, he felt 'clammy' and 'breathless' and 'desperate for water' and changed colour to 'a sort of dirty beige'. Palmer went off for water and the team doctor took him into the dressing room and summoned the medics who immediately ripped off his shirt and reached for the defibrillation paddles.'If it had happened at the school I would have been dead,' said Palmer. 'In Singapore there was an ambulance on site at the game.'Palmer woke the next day, wired to machines in the intensive care unit to be told they had finally managed to correct his heartbeat with high-voltage shocks although not before it had reached 220 beats per minute. His hands and legs were numb and through the haze of his garbled thoughts he could make out voices of alarm warning of an imminent cardiac arrest.As his heart-rate soared past 200 and failed to slow down, he worried about details in his will and the health of his father and spoke in imaginary conversation with his wife Lucy, who was more than 2,000 miles away, at the home they share in China.'I was fighting for my life,' says Palmer. My heart was pounding like it was trying to get out of my chest and it was getting worse.'I'd always been quite flippant about death.The manager at Blackburn tells me he will sell him on because yet another deal has been agreed.'You tell the Blackburn manager to f*** off and put down the phone. Meanwhile, his marriage to Jenny, mother of his daughters, Kelly and Nicole, and his son Jordan, had collapsed and the divorce became acrimonious when he started dating Lucy.In the end, the star player goes to Sheffield Wednesday. A small fortune disappeared on court costs as he battled — successfully — to win joint custody of his children, and solid work opportunities in the 'competitive sport' of punditry proved elusive.'I fell into a depression and contemplated suicide,' said Palmer. I sought out counselling to help get my life back on track.'I don't profess to have been deeply depressed and close to suicide.

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'He says he wants to leave to play in the Premier League.'You tell him you want him to stay. The manager at Blackburn Rovers calls about your star player.'He says a deal has already been done.