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Behavior that one San Franciscan might find charmingly old-school, traditional, or chivalrous could be offensively patriarchal, antiquated, or overly enabling of the dominant paradigm.

Only in San Francisco can the 13th-largest US city by population be considered a “small town.” Yet this is somehow paradoxically true in our fair city, where an incestuous little community of available singles is generally interconnected with fewer than three degrees of separation.

“We always suggest dinner, and tell them to dress nicely,” Buquen says. After the first date, the participants are asked for feedback on how it went.“If they like each other, we encourage a second date,” Buquen says.

Our women are well educated, self-sufficient, and have as much going for them as the men.

”The men don’t even have to arrange the first date.

The agency will do that for them, often at a nice restaurant. And don’t talk about exes.”As far as sex is concerned, clients are warned against sleeping with a woman until he has decided to become monogamous and is no longer dating anyone else.

She graduated from Redwood High School in 2000 and has an MBA from Dominican University in global strategic management.

Discovering that she has a knack for helping people find love, she worked for a top upscale U. match-making firm before starting her own match-making agency in London, Match d’Amour.

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Having someone who uses her humanity and intuition is priceless.

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