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Blackjack doesn't even let you split pairs, and while the more challenging girls do show some signs of self awareness while playing poker, it's hardly like sitting down with Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot. It's a video game called Sexy Poker; you know exactly what you're getting for your £3.50, you filthy mongrel.If you spend your hard-earned cash on this, you really only have yourself to blame. (It can be argued that having a fear aura is desirable at competitive play because that's the whole point of a psychological game.) In many ways, Poker is a legitimate example of the spirit of Feminist Frequency's "25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male".(Which were found to be illegitimate for videogames in that fact-based article.) Not only are these women surpassing expectations and breaking stereotypes, they're also successful in their own right. She's a high-level business executive, as she deals with mergers and acquisitions.To be honest, there's only one thing you need to know about Sexy Poker: by holding down the B button on the Wii Remote, the heads-up display disappears entirely. Aside from its dubious titillation value, Sexy Poker has precisely two things going for it.At this point it's just you, the Wii, and a picture of a half-dressed hentai volleyball instructor. Firstly, it's called "Sexy Poker" - easily the greatest title of any game on Nintendo's little white box. During play your busty opponents will taunt you with smutty comments: "You'll never be able to tell what cards I have, but I'll always know what's in your hand! Sadly, these jibes are only delivered via on-screen text.There will be no release for this game in Australia, as the OFLC refused a rating classification by the fact that it offers nudity as a reward to the winner.The card games deal with different women that strip down when they are losing.

Men stare at women Poker players differently, often to the man's own peril, but it brings an uncomfortable "fear aura".Actually, it's got none of those things - because this is a game where you play cards to make ladies' clothes fall off.But these aren't just ladies; they're pneumatic anime babes who work in a range of professions.The games involved are Texas Hold'em Poker and Blackjack.Women will strip down to their bra and panties in this game, which was the reason why the game was given the M by the ESRB and 16 by PEGI.

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So begins Sexy Poker - an epic voyage into the dark heart of humanity.