Who is danger from ray j dating

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The show, which premiered on February 2, 2009, follows Ray J and his entourage of female suitors to clubs in Los Angeles, to Las Vegas where they’ll party with his friends, and to Ray’s childhood home where they’ll meet his family and older sister Brandy Norwood.

Things of course spiral out of control but a winning team emerges and they are treated to a special date where Ray learns even more about the other girls.With the help of renowned boxing trainer Jack Mosley, the girls get a lesson in boxing basics before they take on one another in some very intense ring fighting!The winning team gets a night at a hot dance club with Ray for some fun and craziness.When the truth is laid bare, everyone is shocked by what they hear and nothing in the house will be the same.At eliminations Ray explains that everyone has a past and instead of eliminating one for a checkered past she is celebrated for her honesty — but still another girl is sent home, but this time not for the usual reasons.

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14 lovely women join Ray at an exclusive concert in Hollywood where Ray performs his hit single "Sexy Can I".

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